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Alisha Rydes

About Me

Im Alisha. Im a blonde Milf from Lincolnshire.

I am bubbly, fun and very sexual and give 1000% on all assignments. I am reliable and love what i do which i think comes across in my pictures and videos.

I am fairly new still to the whole adult industry but am enjoying everything i have done so far and still very keen to do more.

I am happy and comfortable with solo, b/g, g/g and groups. Im happy to work up to full adult levels.

Fully Certed!

Worked with
John 57
JC Glamour
Television X
Killergram The Dogging Mission
Busty Britain
Babestation - Dirty Wives
Walpole Group
Ed Dorian
Busty Brits
Sindy Strutt
Babestation Xtreme
Eva May
Nigel Night
Pascal White
Bob Twigg
Willie Shafter
Lady Sonia
Kirk Photography
Johnny Hardcore
Keltica Media
Amber Rodges
Bluebird TV
Goldengirls TV
Red Hot TV - Wife Watchers Exposed Series
Carol Brown
Crank the Handel
Leks Lean
Lacey Starr
Sam Bourne
Andy Ide
Pascal White
Hyena Photography
Melons Juggler
Paul Taylor
Scarlet Grey

I am fairly tanned and have shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes.

Would love to hear from anyone interested in working with me


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Alisha Rydes's picture


Submitted by triplexmodels on Tue, 2011-12-13 19:20.
Had a fantastic shoot with Alisha earlier. Very lovely lady, looked great and posed really well. Was a great pleasure to work with and has an amazing body. Looking forward to our next shoot. PS Hopefully it doesn't snow lol.

reply Fantastic Shoot Yesterday
Submitted by BustyBritain on Fri, 2011-12-09 13:10.
Worked with Alisha yesterday at her house with Vinny Bones. We had a chat before starting the shoot and Alisha was friendly and likes a laugh which makes everything good fun. I have to say Alisha was brilliant during the whole day, she takes direction well when needed and above all absolutely loves her job which, to me, is vital to make the content look good. I was delighted with the content that we shot, I'm certain she will be a big favourite on Busty Britain and look forward to working with her again soon.

I'd highly recommend her to anyone, a gorgeous mature woman who loves sex and looks great, what more could anyone want.

reply Contact
Submitted by northernadultphoto on Sat, 2011-11-12 09:39.
Hi Alisha,
I sent you an email last week but didn't get a reply. Drop me a line, I may have some work for you babe.

Dan x


Submitted by Alisha Rydes on Sat, 2011-11-19 17:24.
Sorry Guys i had issues with my email account but its all sorted now and am available xxxx

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Possible Shoot For Busty Britain
Submitted by BustyBritain on Thu, 2011-11-10 16:33.
Hi Alisha

I've tried to contact you twice for a shoot but had no reply. Can you please email me at as I'd like to organise a shoot with you.


reply Simply fantastic

Submitted by DSP on Sun, 2011-10-16 14:53.
There are times I am nervous, never more so than when working with a new model. Yesterday was probably the worst of them as I had a very specific and difficult brief from a customer who is a nightmare to please and Alisha had been chosen as the model, a very new model at that. My fears soon dissipated though once we made a start.

Alisha is extremely professional and made the day easy and fun. Despite her telling me she would need a lot of direction she very quickly became the character required in the brief and worked like a true professional model, in fact, she is better than a lot I have worked with in the past. Pre shoot communication could not be faulted, yes she asked a few questions, but I would have been worried if she hadn't after I emailed the brief to her. On the day it was simply a can do attitude, with plenty of banter and she makes a great cup of tea.

In my opinion this lady is going to be extremely popular, yes she is new but don't let that fool you and as John has already said, treat her with respect, she deserves it!

Thank you Alisha, Paul has seen a couple of example shots and is over the moon, a second brief is being created and will be sent over for you in a couple of weeks. I look forward to working with you again soon.

Daniel Slade


Submitted by JC-GLAMOUR on Mon, 2011-10-10 14:50.


Submitted by JC-GLAMOUR on Fri, 2011-10-07 15:23.
worked with alisha last night on her first pov shoot so impressed i'v booked her for another 1/2 day on sunday, she may be new to modeleing but she is a natural, she can squirt and orgasm to gold medal standard [the sheets are still wet]cant agree more with what JOHN above has to say about alisha,
very very highly recommeded.can't wait to work with you again on sunday love
john xxx

reply Great First Shoot With John

Submitted by Alisha Rydes on Mon, 2011-09-26 18:17.
Thank you John!!! - This guy is fantastic - true gent and very professional! - So grateful to have had the chance to work with him!

Would highly recommend!!!!

edit reply A STAR IS BORN
Submitted by john (not verified) on Mon, 2011-09-26 15:06.
Did Alisha's first b/g shoot today. What a woman, sexy, one of the dirtiest giggles I have ever heard, squirts and does true orgasms. Also one of the nicest people I have met, guys be nice to her she is lovely. No arseholes only nice people apply


mitch69's picture

Alisha emailed me to shoot some content for her and am glad she did, as not only did she turn up when said but brought that many outfits she looked like she was moving in lol (great choice and selection to use) also she is warm fun and friendly works hard and clearly enjoys what she does which made it a really fun but productive shoot. Can highly recommend Alisia to anyone, so much so we have already arranged a second shoot

mitch69's picture

Had 2nd shoot with Alishia today and as before was a real pleasure such a genuinely lovely lady who as previously stated clearly enjoys what she does and it shows on the pictures and video , always very professional and productive and a delight to work with .
Thanks again hun

LeighWTS's picture

Just finished a fantastic shoot with Alisha. Even though she travelled a long way to my Essex studio, she arrived looking fresh and ready to work, with an abundance of clothing. We had a few laughs even though she was totally professional in front of the camera.

Alisha's pre shoot comms was excellent and she was an absolute pleasure to shoot. We worked for 6 hours and she was still giving 100% and beaming her lovely smile even on the last scene.

Highly recommended!!!

Sindy Strutt's picture

had a fun shoot with Alisha a couple of weeks ago. She's easy going yet professional and has the sexiest voice ever!
i'd definitely recommend her and i'm sure we'll work together again sometime xxx

andy250's picture

What a fantastic shoot we had with Alisha on Sat 17th of March. Fantastic lady really gives 100% when the camera's role. Is also very nice off camera. Was prompt and on time, hardly any
direction was required. The download has come out superb, Alisha is more than welcome back, when shoots permit. Hopefully we will be seeing her on the creamhorn website as well.
Kind regards, Andy.

Bustycookie's picture

WOW what can I say Alisha comes alive with the camera she so photogenic the camera loves her she is also a great performer and lots of fun to work with reliable and hard working! Book now for shoots she also has a great rack :) will look forward to working with her again highly recommended milf

Alisha is a fantastic & vey professional lady to work with. I did a POV shoot with her on Friday, it was great fun & look forward to working with Alisha again in the future - thanks Alisha x

sugarmob's picture

Worked with Alisha yesterday, she made the whole day a joy, very professional, a genuine pleasure to work with. Looking forward to next shoot, tomorrow!

Bob Twigg. Professional photographer established over 25 years. Produced for all leading mens magazines, now mainly produces a range of content for web sites.

andy250's picture

We had the pleasure of Alisha back on set along with Cookie a couple of weeks ago. I can reitterate what other people have said, top lady, Gives 100% Alisha is more than welcome back as when times and shoots permit.

Stocking Stan's picture

Had a awesome shoot with Alisha, the other day & can't wait to work with her again.

Great model, friendly & relaxed shoot, fun to work with & makes a top brew :-)

Stocking Stan's picture

Had a awesome shoot with Alisha, the other day & can't wait to work with her again.

Great model, friendly & relaxed shoot, fun to work with & makes a top brew :-)

Johnny Hardcore's picture

Had great shoot yesterday evening

Fabulous lady some great pictures and video produced

Very fun and natural, enjoys what she does, very chilled and relaxed

Merlin's picture

Alisha Rydes is one of the horniest ladies I have had the pleasure of working with she loves to be fucked good and proper and I cant wait to work with her again.

Merlin, tested and reliable male model.

alexeijack's picture

i cammed with Alisha yesterday. she was a great host from start to finish. it was my first cam session so she was extremely helpful and happy to talk me through the process. she made me feel at complete ease and i'd recommend her to anyone.
she had loads of enthusiasm, a very sexy on cam personality and really juicy for the action scenes. hope to work with her again soon.
a fun evening all round. thank you xx

Alexei Jackson

alexeijack's picture

this was the second time i've worked with Alisha now in the same amount of weeks. Today we our first shoot together though (as last time we cammed together). The shoot was organised in about 3 days but once confirmed I couldn’t wait to work with her again.
Lots more of the same – she’s great fun on set with loads of energy. She interacts well and makes the whole thing very enjoyable and relaxing. No doubt some hot content as well as she is very sexy on camera and builds great chemistry.
I would recommend her to anyone in the industry.
Alexei x

Alexei Jackson

alexeijack's picture

lucky enough to work with Alisha in a bgg shoot last week for the third time.
her comany is second to known and very professional.
she's sexy on sceen and lots of fun to be round.
i am repeating myself saying this about Alisha but i'd recommend her to anyone in the industry
Alexei xx

Alexei Jackson

DANTE PEAKS's picture

Alisha and I did a day of webcamming together. She was a pleasure to work with, highly professional, great sense of humour, exuded experience and absolutely turned it on to the max when the cam started rolling. Strongly recommended and happy to act as a reference, along with the many other top performers she has worked with!!!xxx

LeighWTS's picture

Had the pleasure of shooting Alisha again last week. Always look forward to working with this lovely, bubbly lady. Alisha always looks a million dollars and is fun as well as intelligent. She gives 110% to all her scenes.

One of the best in the biz :-)

Chez's picture

I have done a couple of shoots with Alisha and they have all been fun, great model

Secret Boudoir
photography | video | web

admin's picture

I had the pleasure yesterday of playing a swinger at a club where Alisha was being very publicly fucked by Peter o Tool. What a total trooper, a star. Book her.

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

I did a shoot with Alisha last year at my house for Fiesta/Escort magazine. Alisha is a great model. I would recommend her.
Carol xxx

ashley rider 88's picture

I haven't shot with this wonderful sexy woman yet
but meeting her was a pleasure great fun and such a genuine
person xxx

Adultwork ashleyryder1988

Crank The Handle's picture

We had the great honour with working Alisha Rydes at our Wet Bank Holiday Weekend party/shoot.

As the studs for our shoots are amateur they can get overawed by porn stars that they have only ever fantasised that they are unable to perform. Alisha was so warm and welcoming she immediately but them at ease and was very patient and understanding. She made sure everyone had a great time and was a dream to work.

We look forward to her coming back to work with us on the 23rd.



Phone: 020 7183 2224

Had agreat time at a shoot with Alisha in London on Thursday she was
fantastically friendy and nothing was a problem. She had great stamina
and amazing squiting ability would recommend her to any producer/togs
and looking to work with her again soon.

Had agreat time at a shoot with Alisha in London on Thursday she was
fantastically friendy and nothing was a problem. She had great stamina
and amazing squiting ability would recommend her to any producer/togs
and looking to work with her again soon.

LeighWTS's picture

Just had my 2nd shoot with Alisha. This lady oozes sex appeal! Flew through a great BG scene with no problems whatsoever. Its the 'real thing' with this lady, nothing fake, 100% real on set and thoroughly enjoys her work.

Thanks for a great shoot babe xx

LaceyStarr's picture

Yes! finally had my chance to work with lovely Alisha. We had been trying to get together for the best part of the year and last weekend she came over on two seperate days and filmed 4 very good scenes. A really good and professional model and also a delightful and charming lady, I have nothing but the highest regard for her. She is terrific to work with, takes direction really well, is very good company in a group of performers but on top of all of that, is downright filthy once the action starts.... a lady after my own heart

Would recommend Alisha unreservedly to all, anyone and everyone who's looking for a top performance by a really lovely person


OK so this is how good Alisha Rydes is. I first shot her three or four years ago for a milf series I was doing for TVX. Then I shot her for an early PascalsSubSluts shoot. Then I shot her for a milf series for Playboy. Then we did another PascalsSubSluts scene with her. Then yesterday we shot a third. Bottom line -- Alisha Rydes makes you money. The punters LOVE her. Her looks speak for themselves but on camera she also has a great warmth that I think people really respond to. And on set she's a dream -- professional of course, but also a great laugh. If you haven't worked with Alisha yet then do.

Hyena Photography's picture

I did a shoot with Alisha this afternoon. She arrived early and had enough outfits with her to shoot for a week. She's such a happy cheerful and friendly lady as well as being professional that she is an absolute pleasure to work with. A lady that makes getting great photos or videos very easy.

Had the pleasure to shoot with Alisha yesterday and she really is a beautiful, classy and very fun lady to be around,
great pre communication and ready early not to mention organised with all the correct and very stylish outfits and lingerie ready for a full days shooting and she worked so hard.
Alisha was just such fun to be around and made the shoot so much fun and very relaxed with great results on both stills and video.
I can highly recommend this very professional and fun lady and hope to see and shoot again soon.
Thank you
Garry x

We shot with Alisha on Friday in Reading. Simply fantastic and very sexy with a hot curvy body exactly what our customers look forward to. Along with the guys Merlin and Warren and our cameraman Gaz the day went just perfect with the passengers on BA1146 from Berlin getting a free view of Alisha getting it from two guys in the garden of the Reading location (in the Heathrow flight path) Great laughs and fantastic content means we will be back again for more of the same

I loved working with the lady. She is so lovely to get on with. She is a total professional and really knows how to work with the camera. I also enjoyed our little chats in between sets. There's something about the older models that just makes them more reliable. Its nice to know there is people in this industry that you can still count on and Alisha is one of them for sure. She has fun with the project brief you give her and adds her own personality to it. She was a pleasure filming, she gets my vote on some one to add to your list to work with. Thanks Hunni xxxx

Loved this shoot. I had an idea for a continuing story line with some other people we had shot in the past and was looking for the right person. Some times when we have story lines for Nerd Pervert in advance they get put on the back burner as the right person has to come along. When I found Alisha on twitter I already thought she was a very attractive women, and some of her fans were wanting me to shoot her on the show. The older women, nerd thing always works well in our content and I just wanted to work with her because of that. However the more I got to know her in the build up to the shoot, the more I knew I had found the model to take the part of my best friends mother, in my planned storyline. Alisha did everything you would want as a producer, checked to see what I needed her to bring, text me the night before to confirm, text me in the morning to say she was setting off, drove all the way to Durham and was early. She came well prepared outfit wise with a very large selection and just has a lovely bubbly personality. She was perfect for what I wanted, and she was a natural at playing the character I had written down. We shoot a very specific way, and treat our content as a tv show with sex, so it can be time consuming getting the right shots and she took it in her stride and just knuckled down and got on with it. I can't wait to see how this has turned out and I will be starting editing it very soon. Alisha really stands out as both an attractive women and as a leading MILF in her niche. Highly recommended.

Paul Taylor

I worked with Alisha recently on a longish website shoot. I found her to be happy and friendly right from the word go yet remaining professional throughout. Her videos are very good and videos are what models can struggle with. I happily recommend and will happily work with Alisha again if I can. She is a lovely lady.


I have filmed Alisha twice, once solo and the other with Alexei.

Lovely person, and a very popular one also.


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