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Kandi Karter

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I am a 49yo mature model looking to get into the adult industry. I am comfortable with all levels of shoots/videos. I am willing to do content sharing as well as paid work. Ideally would like to meet with a professional producer/studio for serious work.
I am based in Lincolnshire but I have my own car to travel.
I'm short 5'1", curvy, size 14UK, brunette with hazel eyes. I have many blatant tattoos and a few face piercings (3 nose, chin and tongue). I like to think I am friendly and easy going but I am also quite sensible and intelligent. I make mistakes but learn from them and would love to have someone guide me and show me how to become extremely good at this work.
I cam with others as well as solo so would love to hear from local girls to cam with. Males I will find you so please do not contact me.

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alan.armstrong's picture

Another day and another great shoot with Mature BBW Brunette, Kandi.
She drove for 4 hours, from Skegness, to work with me.
Skegness is the site of the original Billy Butlins Holiday Camp, synonymous with Beauty Queen Pageants and of course the Glamorous Grandmother competitions. Kandi Karter is certainly Glamorous and a Grandmother. She would win every week if I was a judge.
The shoot was a lot of fun and we got a good bit of work done.
Would I recommend her? Not sure. Ask me again after our second shoot in June.

jharmon77uk's picture

Hi Kandi

I messaged you some time ago

I'd be very interested in doing a shoot with you
I'd like to do some leggings and panty shoot if you're up for it.

do you have a no i can reach you on

Hope to hear from you.

John Harmon

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