Terrible Shoot With A Dodgy Individual *MODELS PLEASE READ*

It was meant to be a light bdsm type shoot dom and sub. Levels either to soft or hard BG SAFE OR CERTED ONLY. I told him that was fine and no marks are to be left on me and mutual respect is key.

When he turned up he was all over me kissing tit grabbing ect. This made me feel very uncomfortable. Then I changed clothes and he paid me and he took about 5 pics before sticking his finger in me. He had me get on my knees and tried to have me suck his dick. I asked him if he had a cert and he said no he doesn't test. THIS IS A BIG NO NO AS IT PUTS EVERYONE AT RISK. I went to grab a condom and he threw a fit saying that wasn't agreed and I told him it's clear on my profile about save or certed. He put the condom on and tried for sex then took it off stating he didn't like condoms. He then took me in the bedroom and started with the hard face slapping. By hard, I'm talking full force and he was a big guy. I said why are you not filming as this is meant to be a shoot and he stated "this is how he does things he takes a few pics then has fun" NOT OK WHAT SO EVER! I was afraid by this point so just tried my best to just get through the shoot. He had a wank and came on my face and I washed the mess off my face and hair and he showered and we got a taxi to the station and parted ways.

It was the most god awful shoot I have had in a very long time and frankly models should be aware.

This was not a real shoot. I don't consider taking a handful of pics to be a shoot at all just a pervert with a camera using it to abuse the system. The guy was obviously looking for an escort meet but too cheap to pay the rates so he uses models to get his rocks off. Not only that but he was physically abusive.

He booked me through a different site which he has now been banned. He told me he was on here also but didn't say under which name. The shoot was in Basingstoke.

Please please please check references and be safe I would hate for someone to have this same experience.

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So Sorry to hear that happened to you babes.

I'm guessing he didn't have permission to come in your face either as you was clear it was safe or Certed - what a fucking arsehole, I would of been scared and fuming too.

Hope your ok now?

Good on you for speaking out, this just goes to show why its so important to check references.


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I am absolutely fuming, when I read things, that has just happened to you.
(Being a former martial arts instructor, teaching about respect as the utmost importance in life...)

In my view what happened is something to report to the police. Not filming something (anything really... not to mention face slapping!!!) that is part of the reason the shoot was arranged is far beyond ok. If it made you feel uncomfortable, but the situation was intimidating, it wasn't really a consent... The labyrinth of laws, might turn this upside down though...
I am not fully aware of the precise term for the physical abuse you've been through, but the same thing in the family is maybe called domestic abuse and a quite serious offence.

It is just so twisted, that these abnormal human beings are getting away with plain obvious crimes...

Totally shocked, I just hope, you will be able to step through long term.

Stay strong !!!

Stay Calm and don't let keyboard warriors get under your skin!

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It's defo sexual assault and I have enough going on and just don't have it in me to go to the police and don't know his name anyway. I have had him banned from a fre sites so that's a start at least. I have a friend who's a cop so I will talk to her about it

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so sorry to hear about this disgusting individual's behaviour, have dm'd you xx

so sorry you had to go threw this. its disgusting behaving and he shouldn't get away with it.
Stay strong and big hug x

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I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you.
Obviously this guy should be outed, blacklisted and banned from all possible contact with our industry. (or ANY industry for that matter)
I'd also consider criminal charges in a case such as this.
Hopefully he gets what's coming to him...

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What a wanker,
its wankers like this that spoil things for the genuine togs. Glad you made it out without anything bad going down.