Poor Profile - New male talent

I have just been messaged by a new Czech talent living in Gravesend and I am sure that he has probably sent it to every female on here!

I know we all have to start somewhere but he has started his profile and it appears that his grasp of English is poor as he is offering G/G

I have given him some advice as to what he needs to do to improve his profile re photos, sti certs, levels, twitter account etc also getting someone who speaks English to help him, plus
getting a map of England to see where prospective models live! I'm in Preston he is in Gravesend??

I think that before anyone goes 'Live' on here their profile should be checked and advice given, I know that is extra work for you Paul but it will pay off
in the long run

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missed the GG :-)

Everyone has the offer of advice, but you can lead horses to water etc.

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

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Indeed Paul, I offered him some constructive advice and he has declined to accept it as that ! So I will leave it there

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Well if his English is poor then he probably uses Google translate, so he can't translate all the text.

Lets take some stills and videos.
Time to create something amazing.