Been Thrown off PurplePort

Hi Everyone

Can all togs & producers that I am part way through discussing shoots with via PurplePort please email me direct on or via this site instead now, as I have been thrown off.

Warning to anyone else on there - they seem to have now banned adult but forgot to inform us all (I did check what levels I could advertise to on my profile & in posts when I first joined and I was told I could advertise all adult levels I just couldn't upload pornographic pictures and I haven't been told any different since) .

Oh and they don't send you a warning email to give you chance to rectify the problem when you accidently brake one of there new rules, that you knew nothing about - they just remove your account and Ban you.

The same happened to me when I contacted a model a couple a year or so ago regarding a B/G shoot (which was one of her stated levels) when I questioned it admin sent me a snotty message telling me I'd be better off booking an escort or going to my local red light district.

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Tanya If you are not part of the inner circle, cliche, that seems to promote each other and run roughshod over everyone else on PP, then its not worth being on there!
With regard to adult work MadCow have started up a new adult section
Click the link and take a look

I was thrown off PP too with no warning, no discourse, and to be frank using pretty degrading language.

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Thanks everyone for sharing your stories too and to Lady Sextasy for the info on mad cow.


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Visitor19 hours ago

I received a email saying my account was banned, I guess (from the email) that this is because I included GG & BG levels in my post, but this is very unfair as I did check when I first joined the site what levels I could & couldn't advertise too and I was told that I could advertise all my levels including GG & BG on my profile and in posts as long as I didn't upload any pornographic pictures (which I didn't)

So either this rule has changed since I joined and I wasn't informed or I was given the wrong information when I first joined,

I'm always very respectful of rules as you can see my Modelmayhem account only advertises up to nude and my Purestorm up to G/G as these are their rules...

If you will allow my profile back then please let me know what level I can advertise up to (or what I can't advertise ect) so I can edit my profile accordingly and I promise to respect/stick within your rules.

Admin17 hours ago

Hi ,

You were banned because you were using PurplePort to arrange or request photo shoots which are not permitted on site, which results in a permanent ban. This was nothing to do with you arranging BG or GG levels, which are permitted on PurplePort. You
were arranging shoots beyond these levels and this would never have been OK'd by us.

In Terms of use for PurplePort our Site Guidelines state that:

27. The requesting or offering of sexual services either in the form of POV or otherwise is not permitted on PurplePort. Individuals found doing so will be removed from the site without further warning.

Additionally, it is also stated in Glossary of terms that:
•Gonzo/POV - These are porn industry terms and included because as a model you will get plenty emails from people asking if you do gonzo or POV. Basically gonzo is where you interact with the photographer or videographer. i.e. you perform a sex act
on him/her while he/she films you or vice versa. POV means "point of view" and is much the same and involves you performing a sex act on the person filming. This is forbidden on PurplePort. If someone offers this please report them!

This ban will not be reconsidered.

Kind regards,
PurplePort Admin Team.

Visitor40 minutes ago

As I did ask about advertising Hard GG / BG in posts when I joined and was told this is ok, you are been very out of line and unprofessional - This mistake was from your end not mine, if I had been given the correct information when I joined I would
never of posted for work to those levels, Because you are being so unreasonable and unprofessional I will be blogging and speaking out all over social media about your sites unfair and incompetent behaviour - you have not been clear about the rules, are giving the wrong information when new members asked and don't even send a warning email first to give those accidently breaking your rules a chance to rectify them like all other sites do, no one would post things they aren't allowed to on purpose its due to your sites own incompetence that the rules are getting broken.

Admin33 minutes ago

Hi ,

It is absolutely clear in our Terms of use for PurplePort that POV/Gonzo is not permitted. That does not mean GG or BG - levels which you enquired about - are not allowed because they are. Interaction between photographers and models is not allowed and would never have been OK'd. And it is clearly stated that arranging shoots of this kind results in the immediate ban of your account. Therefore we will not send a warning prior to this.

Please feel free to provide the content from the support ticket you originally sent in which shows we are saying POV/Gonzo is permitted on PurplePort.

Kind regards,
PurplePort Admin Team.

Visitor15 minutes ago

I did not arrange, advertise or post for POV/Gonzo shoots only for GG & BG (which is shot with other professional performers) so you have very much got your facts wrongs there. so I guess that i can now also add that you are a liar to my blog and social Media.

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The only place I advertise Gonzo work is on here and only by ticking the box, - I never advertised/posted for Gonzo levels on there only to GG/BG which they are still saying is ok, And although I did advertise up to B/G I only ever got booked for solo work through Purple Port so they are speaking complete shit.

My guess is that they have decided they don't want adult on their site anymore and because they are clearly dodgy are using underhand tactics to get rid of us all.

Please be warned anyone that paid for a unlimited account to drop to a free one when your unlimited prescription runs out, don't risk it. X

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I was thrown off Purpleport 2 years ago for uploading an uncensored pic. This was purely accidental as I hadn't noticed what was on display ... which was the slightest hint of pubic hair, not even full frontal. This is not the first time either though that Purpleport have had complaints. They seem to go through cycles of panic and banning a load of photographers. Same happens with Modelmayhem although not as frequent.

Like some people have already mentioned in the other thread is that there are a lot of models who tick boxes with levels without even knowing what they mean and then get upset if they get bookings for that. Or who panic when their over protective boyfriend has found out they've got a nude shoot booked and flips out.

Best way to go about it in my experience on those sites is to not mention you do adult at all. When you shoot a model and they ask you what else you do you can tell them you also do adult shoots. If they are interested in that at a later date they will tell you and then you can book them.

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After 4 emails from me declaring my innocence and calling them unfair & unprofessional and 4 replies with "The Ban will not be reconsidered" I strangely then got a "welcome to Purple port" email and a DM from the official greeter - I seem to be able to log in ok, so its looking for now that I could be back on but as I did say in my last reply that I wanted nothing more to do with their dodgy site, it could just be a trick so they can ban me again and get one over on me - ill let you know what happens.

To anyone else that's been banned - if you know you haven't broken any rules, then hold your ground and keep replying to the support ticket declaring your innocence, because if its not a trick then it looks like that worked for me.


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I only do photography as a hobby but I managed to get thrown off by asking a model what her adult levels were I wanted to do CFNM with her. Apparently she didn't do them even though they were "ticked". I had the standard "Hello" in a different language to tell me I've been banned.

Just do what I did and rejoin with a different email addy.

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I can't really change my name now Jamie - I'm too well known.

Yes it does seem that some models are alittle confused by the adult box and just tick it, thinking it means they are over 18, but it should of been taken into account that she had ticked the adult box when you was banned as that was her mistake not yours.


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The site is a waste of time.
I got banned a few years ago, do I miss it ? No

PP is inhabited by a lot of snotty, snobby and some very grouchy photographers. They are also a very tight-fisted bunch who want to book a location for a shoot for 'an hour.' It should be a fantastic resource and it could be propelled by a glamour and/or adult section but the people in charge are a bit prissy. When I had a membership I contacted a whole lot of photographers asking if they would like to book and I got banned. I thought it was proactive marketing. Some of the professional photographers on there are pretty unpleasant and don't even understand the idea that even though they might not want to book your studio you might be able to suggest their studio to some of your contacts local to them. I don't often leave feedback but this was deserved. I don't miss the site to be honest.,,,