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I was wondering if anybody can advise me about graphic designers. I recently had to get a DVD box design made. I am not a designer, so I found somebody online who produced a good design very quickly. Within a week we have four revisions of the same design, not different designs, but the same design, where I have mostly had to ask them to make minute changes of position and there have been issues with such things as text distances and symmetry on the page.

I have been receiving designs where if the box were printed from that, the lettering would not look quite accurately placed, the lettering on the spine label would look slightly misplaced as though the production was a bootleg and the design would not quite work for lack of care.

What I am not getting are the services of a designer who can give me something that works well and I don't have to suggest very obvious things, which would occur to somebody who really wanted to make something nice. The frustration over the ever so slight problems with lettering is a disappointing experience. It takes me back to the bad old days days when I hired other people to edit video for me and I'd have to make a paper edit and then push and shove to get them to make a nice edit. The problem in that scenario was that the TV people I hired were just interested in making some cash to fund their little habit.

My current graphic designer isn't as bad as that, but he won't quality-check his work or really think of definitive designs. At this stage he's getting impatient with me because he has had to correct his work three times, because of things that are visibly wrong or just don't quite work even on a low-res copy. I am going to pay up, including the extra money he wants and get the services of somebody who can be bothered to really get it right. What I am getting now is something where the designer concerned, won't really pull out the stops and thinks they can charge more and more money for correcting things that are just the product of sloppy work. It's even more disappointing because they were offered a residual income based on sales of the DVD over a couple of years, but it hasn't got them onside.

If you know a graphic designer in the London area who has passion, isn't too expensive and who cares about getting it right, then I'd appreciate your advice.


From your description, sounds like he doesnt really know what he is doing, and if he were properly trained in the U.K. managing "customer expectations" saves the designer money and time, as changes are expensive in both time and delivery.

From the so called experts, from photograhy and video to web design and graphics, the place is full of bullshitters, and untrained "let me try it's". If your graphic person is cheap, then its amateur, and it does sound like he is.

You can easily get PSD or AI templates from the web but of couse you need some sort knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator to fill in the blanks.

Personally, I would not pay for work that is inferior, or just not completed as they will keep on doing the same to others.


Keyholevideo.TV website

As it stood it was almost complete, requiring text to be moved tiny distances and arrangements of lettering to be given that little tweek to make them look perfect. Chargiing me more money to do this sort of thing is a bit cheeky. We did end up having an argument about it and he gave me the brush off, complaining about the low fee and the residual deal I offered and the fact that he had been 'helping out' which implied I had begged a favour from him, when he was offered a deal. The subsequent 'too busy' dismissal is typical media-type bullshit. We did go down to my offering to pay him the original £100 fee without him even needing to hand over the hi-res file.

He showed no conciliation at all, actually saying that it had been a good learning experience in avoiding this type of deal deal and would not admit that we were on the fourth revision because of the lack of accuracy in his design. In the end I said that all he was getting was the £30 advance I had suggested paying and paid before he started work. I have subsequently offered him his original fee if he invoices me and then hands over the work, actually been nice to him in face of quite a cold series of responses from him so far.

I think he will actually be so arrogant as to not reply and not even take the money, as he had talked about not contacting me any more. I think that's the end of it and I'm tired of being beaten up with his experiences of how somebody ripped him off in the past. You don't treat customers like that. He is actually a graphics graduate and he's got experience, but it doesn't mean he's great at it. I think it boils down to a lot of don't-care-can't-be-bothered which is stupid if you want the next job. Pretending that the work is beneath you and that you don't need to keep people happy, considering that every penny counts these days is more luxury arrogance.

Hey, sounds to me like a very lazy designer, you shouldn't have to pull him up on things like alignment that's just a basic part of the job!

If you still need a designer drop me a PM I'm not in London but location shouldn't be a problem with something like this as it can all be done by email/phone