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I need a new pc as my existing one is getting too old and slow for rendering large video files (it takes hours!).I went to a local pc shop and the owner said he's got just the right machine for me.He has a refurbished Dell T3600 (by him.He also build custom pc to specification) which I understand has been discontinued by Dell.The specifications are as follow

Dell Precision T3600 Desktop Workstation

Chipset : Intel C600
Processors : Intel Xeon E 1620 (Four Core HT, 3.6GHz Turbo, 10 MB Intel Smart Cache, 130 watt)

Graphic card : 4GB Nvidia Quadro K5000

CUDA Cores1 1536
Single Precision Compute Performance 2.1 Teraflops
GPU Memory Specs
Memory Size Total 4 GB GDDR5
Memory Interface 256-bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 173 GB/s

Memory : 32GB
Storage : 1TB
Optical drive : DVD RW

He assures me the machine is fast enough for my need (4K editing) and I can have it for £800.As I really don't know much about pc,any advice and suggestion will be very much appreciated.Thank you in advance.

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Do you actually play games hun as no game on earth can use more than 16gb ram
If you can give an idea on what your using it for it helps with advice

For example I use a fx8350 and 32gb ram with a 4gb rx460 graphics and 120gb sad and 1tb hdd

I can cam u sites in u20p record my cam shows use blender as I create content.

Yes the pc can run anything but unless your running games in 4k y it might be overkill

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Sorry on mobile will check the pc score now for you

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Ok passmark scores
Xeon e5 v3 1620 9758
Fx8350 9420

So yes as a whole it's a good buy for £800
The Quattro cards are more pro level

However be cheeky and ask him if he will include a ssd just for Windows on it with the hard drive as a second as part of the price. This will give you a system that boots up in a few seconds then.

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Ok and if you can ask him to fit a few case fans in push pull as well 130w generates alot of heat 120mm fans are only £2-£3 each

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Thanks for your very informative replies,Selena.No,I don't play games at all.It will mainly be for 4K video editing.I did note Paul Taylor's comment in an earlier thread '4K Camcorder recommendations' about his new MSI Stealth Pro laptop which 'handles 4K like a breeze'.I googled the machine and it appears to be a gaming machine mainly.As I am only a hobbyist videographer and don't play games,it will not suit me.Thanks again for your replies which I shall take on board.I shall get back to the shop and ask for a ssd drive and a few fans.

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Sorry I still get excitable about tech.
Laptops are ok but the 7th gen i7 stuff isn't as good as the 6th gen the 6700hq 8core is still the one to beat overall in laptop terms and offers great portability.
A gamer level pc isn't the same as a work station pc

Work stations can cost upwards of £30,000 easy enough although that Xeon is a 8 core 4 core 8 threads not many bits of software can make use of the multithreading (yet)

Nothing can use 32gb of ram and the rams worth over £200 alone.

That said a laptop is nice and portable a desktop has more performance.

If you webcam you can easy work loads of sites on that thing globally using encoders in HD if your internet connection can take 2mbps upload for each site. Just a thought to help make your money back quicker

Adobe premiere can use more than 16 gb of ram if you are editing 4k, color grading, have multi layer video etc..... But then my edits are complex.

I have a 12 core 2012 mac Pro before the trash can and it can handle anything I through at it. Mind you, it has 128 gb of ram, and a 12 gb Titian X GPU so it can render scenes extremely fast but I need that as I batch render so it never stops. 4gb GPU mentioned int he work station your looking at, its a top spec Quadro card. 4gb is fine for rendering but get the biggest GPU you can afford as in most ram, 12 gb is over kill in most peoples options but rendering 20 episodes of Nerd Pervert one after the other, and only taking 15 mins a scene/video is mega. a 30 min 4k video of 30 mins would still take a 4 gb gpu about 40 mins, yet I hd a rush job on the other day, and it rendered a 35 min 4k scene in 10 mins. It depends on how much you output really.

Paul Taylor

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35 MIN 4K SCENE RENDERED IN 10 MINS!Bloody hell.Is it really possible?It takes me more than 90 mins to render 30 mins of simple 3D scenes.But then I am using a low spec cheap laptop at the present.It is still just bearable as I only have my own footage to render and this is just a hobby.As I am moving to 4k,it would be a nightmare,hence I am looking for a faster machine.Unfortunately,when I went back to the shop,the Dell T3600 has been sold.So the search is on again!To be honest,although I dabble in video editing,I know hardly anything about the hardware involved.That's why I posted the original message here.Anyway,thanks for the reply,Paul.Your advices are very much appreciated.

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John is going to update his computer soon as 4K is bloody hardwork on his i7 laptop, he is going for a Tower with 32gb memory 8gb graphics card & depending on price i9 but at the quoted £600 extra the i7 seems the more attractive lol .

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Hi Kim,is John buying a branded tower or is he having one custom made for him by a computer shop?