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Warm Sweet Honey

About Me

Mature sexy curvaceous raunchy passionate some times a naughty girl.

I am a classy mature independent model based in the Basford area of Nottingham.
I’m 5ft2” short spiky brunette hair, blue eyes natural 42G breasts
I am a dress size 20 on my top and an 22on my hips.
You can see that I am a sexy lady and willing to go all out to fulfill your requirements in both stills and video
I have no opinion of my self that I’m any thing of a glamour or beauty queen but do know I have a great open down to earth personality with a great sense of humour, i'm more than happy to discuss your requirements, just drop me a line

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Ringo Images's picture

Ive done quite a bit of work with Honey and not only is she a great model but shes also a really nice person, this is one model you really need to book, Highly Recommended

Ringo Images, Photographer/videographer

warm sweet honey's picture

I have recently met and worked with Ringo Images a few times now, I cannot say enough how fantastic the shoots were also the videoing, he’s very professional gives good advice very down to earth and laid back
Very sexy too,
I’m looking forward to working with him again

Thank you very much Ringo

Speedybee's picture

Spent a Fantastic Weekend with Warm Sweet Honey starting with a Saturday morning Photoshoot at Body Line Studios in Nottingham, and some very hot Girl on Girl Video action in the afternoon, with more video shot on Sunday and as the weather had cleared up some outdoor flashing pics. Cant wait to do it all again.

Trisha xxx

martin_essex's picture

Met honey at a shoot last weekend. Had a great time with her. Knows what to do and plays to the camera. Hope to work with her again.

kim's picture

We met Honey & wow what a girl, words can't descibe this sexy horny "sex machine". She is a friendly very verbally colourful competent lady with no hang ups...well none we could find & boy did we look lol!
We would strongly recommend any producer & people looking for content share to snap up this major porn star waiting to happen, John don't usually get involved in the action but Honey grabbed him for several scenes & he didn't complain lol!...this lady is hot! hot! hot!

Had the pleasure of meeting and working with the fabulous Warm Sweet Honey, we had a great shoot and she has so many wonderful outfits to choose from completely profesional and fun to work with, I cannot reccomend enough and we are already arranging more shoots and I look forward to more collaborations, Awesome, thank you.

warm sweet honey's picture

I have recently had the pleasure of having a great fun filled photo shoot with Garry, professional good advice through out, received my photos and adedd some on here to share with every one,
Thank you looking forward to our next shoot LOV hun xxx

lexiecummings's picture

I have had a wonderful weekend shoot with Warm Sweet Honey ,our content weekend has gone like a blast;
great studs all 4 worked like troupers;
Honey as usual was great fun, those wonderful curves...

Tony who was photographing was worked hard , keeping up with us all. Thanks to everyone, looking forward to the next one
Lexie xx

Lexie xx
for films and clips
twitter- @Lexie_Cummings
facebook -lexie.cummings
If we email direct check your setting to accept the .xxx adult codes

Had the great pleasure of working with this enthusiastic lady and others yesterday. Great fun and a very interesting person. Look forward to working woth her again and can recommend her wholeheartedly to others.

lambourneneil's picture

Had a great time with this very naughty lady, great fun and some fun moments never to be forgotten! Highly recommend Warm Sweet Honey! Can't wait for the next shoot! xx

lexiecummings's picture

I met up with Honey for a content share shoot, we managed to keep all 6 guys happy all afternoon... Great company and very professional
Lexie x

Lexie xx
for films and clips
twitter- @Lexie_Cummings
facebook -lexie.cummings
If we email direct check your setting to accept the .xxx adult codes

admin's picture

I filmed content for her.

Signature - AIR Admin aka Paul Jones Model, and Producer

another great shoot with this lovely lady, had the pleasure of shooting some content for the very lovely Warm Sweet Honey, as always completely professional and fun to work with and a very relaxed shoot and managed to get 5 sets shot and some great content. Will be working together again soon and highly recommended.

TonyT's picture

Had aonther great shoot with Honey..!!
Always gives 110%, great model and highly recommended..!!

kim's picture

Once again we had the pleasure to work with our very naughty friend & as usual she was fantastic, in the toilet, up the bar & even in a cold pool this lady performed in a way that would put most porn stars to shame.

We got called in after another tog couldn't make it but we didn't care as we got to spend a few days with this lovely lady, producers if you are looking for a naughty mature model Honey is your girl.

Look forward to seeing you again soon hun xx.

blackpantheruk's picture

I have had the pleasure of working with this lovely lady on a couple of occasions
She is always happy outgoing and fun
Enjoys herself and makes the time pass very quickly
See you soon

Hi I am a black guy who loves being behind or in front of the Camera I have a webpage on Southern Charms and Adultwork. I am a photographer too easy going enjoy adult entertainment and flexible. Contact me either as a photographer or as a model

What can I say about Warm Sweet Honey apart for thank you for letting me shoot with you, always a pleasure and a lot of fun, and we shot some great new sets so hope all enjoy.

LaceyStarr's picture

I had the very real pleasure of meeting and working with this extraordinary lady this week. She is a whole heap of fun, friendly, chatty and warm. Having seen some of her work I knew exactly why she is so popular, but having seen her in action close-up (very close-up!) she is even more naughty than I'd thought. We worked well together and I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and energy she brings to a scene. I'd thoroughly recommend her to others and look forward to working together again in the future. A lovely lady and a very professional performer.


LeighWTS's picture

Had a fun filled day with Honey yesterday. This lady is very sexy, very enthusiastic and lots of fun. She had fantastic outfits with her and put 110% into every scene.

So glad we finally hooked up, highly recommended!

Thanks Honey, hopefully see you again in the new year xxx


We met and did some some fun shoots for first time yesterday. Cant wait to do it all again . Warm sweet honey put me completely at ease she knows her stuff, is great fun and is a lovely genuine person. See you soon :-) Highly recommended xx

Shot again with the very wonderful and fully sexed Honey always a joy and a pleasure to work with and always gives 100%, this was some great Girl on Girl action and she really goes for it and never holds back. Looking forward to our next meet and I know it will be smoking hot.


Recently spent a few days with warmsweethoney with bustykim + john + gazza+ on a studio shoot one day plus shooting together after that, was more than happy, warmsweethoney is a lovely fun person i consider a friend, oozes sex appeal, very hot & naughty, great sense of humour, lots of fun looking forward to seeing you again :-)
200% recommended xxx

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