AIR Services and Become a Friend of AIR

AIR Services

Promote yourself (models) or show that you are serious (photographers, esp new and amateur ones).

Friend of AIR

If you feel that this site is worth £6.80 a month to you in bookings, or time and aggro saved finding models etc then become a Friend of AIR.

General Benefits

  • Friends of AIR appear at random on the Front Page, (so long as you have been seen within last 3 months).
  • Friends of AIR appear at the top of Searches
  • Ability to contact the New Models for a while before everyone else can.
  • Create "Worked With" - you can highlight members you have worked with, and this appears on your page AND THEIRS.
  • Create Events - studio days, content share days, tours etc.
  • Flag users as "Emailed" so you know who you emailed.
  • Flag users as "Favourite" for keeping track of interested people.
  • Cheap Mailblasts to promote you / your service.

Specific Benefits for Photographers

First Dibs on New Girls You get a special display of new models on the Front Page. So you can get in with your decent serious shoot offer before anyone else. That alone is worth the money :-)

Amateurs - being a Friend of AIR shows that you are serious and this will allow you get more models to take you seriously. (Many models ignore people they have doubts about, esp for higher levels or if it will involve the model travelling). "Worked With" is very powerful because as you work with more people it becomes impressively long.

Professionals - your work and references show you are serious. But if you find the site useful and time saving, show your support.

Specific Benefits for Studios, Locations and other services

  • Staying near the top of searches means you get looked at every time.
  • Promote any particular events / services / limited offers you organise.

Specific Benefits for Models

MONEY!!!! Models who take up the combined option of a years Friend of AIR plus Mailblast typically get £1000 + in bookings immediately, and several have reported much higher figures.

  • Being near the top of searches is great for bookings - we all know that photographers contact the first people they see who fits the brief.
  • Shows you are serious and reliable. "Worked With" is very powerful because as you work with more people it becomes impressively long.


Fee - £69pa or £6.80pm, payable by Standing Order, (or direct transfer for the annual option). Excludes Mail Blast.

Mail Blasts are £70, £50 for Friends of AIR.

Models Special Package - £120 to be a Friend of AIR for a year AND includes a FREE Mail Blast.

Model Agencies Special Rules - Agencies who are Friends of AIR can create Model Listings for up to 3 models, ALL of whom will appear as Friends of AIR. Every time you visit the site, they will ALL move to the top of the lists. To list additional models you MUST pay for them to be Friends of AIR. If you want extra promotion for one specific model, you can book them a Mail Blast.

Lifetime Friend of AIR

Pay once only - ideal for those in the business long term.

£245 single payment and that's it forever. Includes one MailBlast (for models).

How to Pay

Bank details



I've just made the first months £6.80 payment (and I'll setup a standing order too) from my personal bank account Rahul Jassal but I've put in the ref section realitystudios as that's my account on here. Could you let me know once you've received payment? And once I've been allocated model listings as I have a couple ready to go online!

Cheers :)


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