Content Share

Content Share


All the rage, Content Share is a great way to own and control your own material, but do it right!

The basic idea is simple - get together with other performers and make porn. Each of you gets the content you are in, and you can sell it to your fans., Clips4Sale and various other sites are where you can put it to sell.

If 100 fans each pay 5 to see you in a scene, that's 500 for you :-)

If you did 4 scenes that day (and you can, people work hard on content days, and 4 scenes is BG, GG, BG, GG), then they could earn you 2000. Probably not immediately, but over a few months if you promote them on Twitter etc it soon mounts up.

Costs are low - at most you share the rent of an apartment to shoot in, and perhaps pay a guy to shoot/edit (but usually people keep it informal - a performer not in the scene does the filming, and everyone edits their own using free/cheap basic editing software).


The point about content share isn't to say yes because people ask you, it's to say YES! when the content you'll get is the content you want and need. So BE PICKY.

STOP PRESS!!! I have created Content Share Models membership class.

  • Content Share Models have access to the list of Models who have ticked the "want to make own content" box in their model listing
  • The idea is that you can then contact any performers you'd like to work with and drop them a line.
  • If you are a Content Share Model you can see the panel on the front page. If you can't see the panel, ask me to add you.
    • Females - any woman can be a Content Share Model.
    • Trans - as Females.
    • Couples - if you have good feedback.
    • Males - only Friends of AIR can be Content Share Models. But that still doesn't mean you can bother the girls with requests.
  • If you DO NOT want to be a Content Share Model, but currently are one, just let me know.

AIR technical help

A lot of girls rely on their friend to do tech stuff - editing, uploading etc. This is poor business practice. You need to be in control of your business. None of it is hard and if you want to be taught, I can teach you everything you need to know about filming, editing and uploading in one day, (at least for the sort of simple clip/scene stuff that works on AdultWork). No charge, so long as my travel covered. FREE if it's done around a Content Share I'm involved with.

Why do it?

Fun and Money :-)

Fun - If it's not fun you shouldn't be doing it :-)

Money :-

  • Direct - make money direct by selling to your fans. Put your content up on AdultWork, MyDirtyHobby, Clips4Sale etc, then promote it hard via FaceBook (be careful) and Twitter (much better).
    • A lot of girls make £200-£300 a month from content, and some girls (who are very focussed on it, and who have built up huge fan bases over the years) make thousands.
  • Indirect - making content promotes your other services - as a model, as a cam girl or whatever.

How to do it right

1) Choose who you work with and what you do with them.

  • If you are setting up the Content Share, then YOUR DAY, YOUR RULES.
  • If you only want cute peeps, say so. And when the older ones contact you, just say "sorry, but you're not what I'm looking for for this material".
  • Know what YOU need from the day. Initially simple clips and scenes will do, but as you get experience and find what works, take charge. But for new girls, the following basic rules are worth keeping in mind :-)
    • JUST SAY NO to POV and TRIPODS, and "YOU and a TOG" sessions
    • TRIPODS - a single camera on a tripod gives utter crap results that are NO USE. ALWAYS have a third person hold the camera.
    • POV - Guys love making POV, but make them PAY for it. Most guys can't hold a camera still, and frame properly, while being blown / fucked. To be blunt, they are not really concentrating on the filming, and the results are generally crap in terms of your selling it. IF you want POV, make sure you see examples of the guys work first - you need to see good framing and a steady hand.
    • "YOU and a TOG" - for video, if you are new, just AVOID as it limits you to solo or tripod/pov. For STILLS it can be very effective but only do this for people whose work you like, not just any old amateur snapper.

    2) Do it REGULAR, and SERIOUSLY

    • You should do a day or two a month so that you can always be adding scenes.
    • By working with 2-3 other models and a long day, you should get several scenes from a session. Great value.
    • The more you add, the more money you make. New fans who find you in 6 months will pay for your new stuff, but also go back and get your old stuff :-)

    3) Document everything.

    • For EACH performer you work with you should a copy of two ID's (usually passport and driving licence) and a Model Release. If you don't, then your use of the material will be limited to sites that don't require documentation. (By the time everyone has every ones else paperwork there's a lot of signing to do!).
    • Sample text for a Model Release. " taken part in a porn shoot, featuring real sex, and I am allowing that content to be sold or distributed however I understand that the intention is for widespread distribution on the Internet, inc Twitter and free sites. I DO NOT expect my face or identity to be hidden in any way. If this causes issues for me in the future, I accept that risk and have no comeback".
    • Everyone should also sign a Content Share Agreement. This states who has what rights to what scenes and saves arguments later. The TOG should NOT get any rights, or if they do, those should be very limited. E.g. He shoots 4 BG scenes. Rights to put just ONE on AW should be reward enough.

    How to take part in a Content Share

    • Look out for Events listed on AIR.
    • Contact models you'd like to work with and ask if they want Content Share with you.

    How to Organise a Content Share Day

    • Decide on a Date and Location and in Add Content, create Event.
    • For your first one, keep it simple, hold it at your house and use simple rules such as "Girls, get rights in everything they are in, guys get none".
    • Generally people are NOT willing to pay towards a studio or good location.
    • Video camera, lights, etc. You will need someone to do the filming. If none of the perfomers have the kit, you might get a volunteer from AIR. If not a volunteer, a lot of guys will do it for 100 quid or so, (covers their petrol, food etc), or some limited rights sufficient for them to make that kind of money from them, (e.g. one threesome scene).

    Guidelines for a good day :-

    1) Not too many people.

    • 4-5 is perfect for twosomes and threesomes.
    • In fact two girls in a house with volunteer cameraman/stud can have a very productive day - scenes in Living room, kitchen, shower, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, and repeat with "slut" theme, "audition" theme and "sub/dom". That's a two day session :-)
    • But if you have 6-7 people then it's crowded and lots of people do too much sitting around. Not productive unless Group Sex or Party Scenes are what all the performers want.

    2) Expect, and plan for, a LONG day.

    • Because people are doing this for their own benefit I find that people tend to want to get as much as possible done.
    • Being able to offer overnight accom (even if just space for a sleeping bag) is useful as it allows people to come from further away.

    3) Plenty of Notice

    • People are busy - 4-6 weeks notice is best, though if you suddenly have a day free or venue access at short notice, always worth a try.

    4) Be sure that your cameraman is reliable.

    • In particular he should be clear about delivery terms - how will he get the stuff to the models?
    • Raw video files are very large, too big for DVD disks. Raw video runs at about 12GB per hour. So if I have 5 scenes from one performer, and each is about 30mins, that 2 1/2/ hours, about 30GB.
    • My terms are "I will create an unedited Windows Media File that I upload to my server and you then need to download. If you want raw footage, you need to give me one or more USB sticks which are 16GB or bigger, plus padded SAE. The USB stick must not contain anything you want to keep - for technical reasons I might need to format it, which will wipe everything, even protected files. OR you can give me a portable USB external hard drive, plus padded SAE". Then I go away with a copy of the Content Share Agreement so that I can send the right stuff to the right people, usually within a week or so.

    Info for Studs, Producers etc

    • DO NOT cold contact girls seeking Content Share. Doing so is a sackable offence.
    • If you want to work on CS basis, you can ONLY respond to posts by girls seeking people, OR you can set up your own CS event and see if you get any takers.
    • Producers - well I think you should PAY performers, but CS is reasonable if you only require limited rights - e.g. in one scene. That way you'll get your expenses covered.

    Content Share Register

    • Shooters - have been recommended by a MODEL as doing the right thing re Content Share. (Models, just suggest Shooters by leaving a comment below). If you are a shooter with good comments, drop me a line with your desired text.
    • Models - keen on Content Share and welcome contacts by other models (including, where indicated, studs) with a view to organising something. NOT to be contacted by shooters as these models either have shooters or know how to pick them. Drop me a line with your desired text.

        Paul Jones - aka AIR Admin

        Happy to perform, and love to be asked :-) As a shooter, I bring camera, lights etc. Does not require any rights, just a few stills. No charge for Midlands, Central, Bristol, West/Central London shoots, may want petrol for North, Kent, East Anglia. Delivery - RAW / HD renders if given BIG Flash drive and SAE, otherwise (and more normally) rendered to medium grade Windows Media Files, and made available for download on my server. I do basic edits - into scenes for AW rental, and a chopped into clips for AW clips.

        I also have access to a flat in Gloucester which can be great for shoots


        I've been shooting now since 2006 and I'm always happy to do content share shoots. I'm happy to do content share shoots where all parties get the content from the shoot or more exclusive content share shoots, ie: I shoot a scene just for use in return for a scene just for my use etc.
        I don't travel so any shoots will need to be in the West Midlands so that I can get to the apartment/hotel via taxi as I don't drive and can't carry all my equipment on a train or bus.
        If you bring a laptop with you then you can take the content away on the day of the shoot. Otherwise I will get it to you no later than 1 week after the shoot. I'm happy to edit the content and upload it for you to download or I can post raw files on a disc.

        I can provide many references and I have never failed to send someone their content.

        I'm happy to shoot solo, G/G, B/G, Threesome etc through to fetish content.


        West Sussex based and highly experienced photographer who thirty years ago was shooting fashion and editorial model folios for Select Agency in London. Nowadays I shoot mainly commercial advertising, (which needs models from time to time). I've got to that stage in my life where I don't pay models unless someone else is paying me to do so. I keep the studio busy by shooting stills content share and offering the studio for hire at ridiculously cheap rates - regular contract hirers get it for just £7 per hour! It's basic, but it's warm and dry and there's always free tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits, plus the landlord is completely understanding and even lends me brand new motor bikes for photo shoots. I have an absolutely awesome digital manipulation lady who can turn ordinary stills into total works of art - see - vanilla, commercial, studio services, digital editing services - artistic-erotic nude - site due to re-launch Spring 2014 - calendars, posters and fine art prints


warm sweet honey's picture

I have had a few shoots now with Garry who is great to work with excellent photographer who is very particular about his work,
Garry is easy going very laid back but and gives advise where needed
I highly recommend him to any one who wants a good photographer

warm sweet honey's picture

Had another great shoot with Gaza yesterday, ladies he is very relaxed excellent photographer good advice to get the best poses
Thank you Garry

warm sweet honey's picture

I have recently had a shoot with TonyT
absolutely fabulous to work with, great sense of humour advises well where needed,
This is not my first shoot with Tony and always look forward to working with him, Highly recommended
Never a problem getting your content from him,

bdfoto's picture

I am nowadays offering content share collaboration providing stills, video and studio. It's always worth asking me to see if we have a meeting of minds.

Barney Douglas - nude / fetish - vanilla - calendars and fine art prints
01903 331611 / 07986 183948 / Skype: ibudec

axajay's picture

I can highly recommend Barney he takes brill pics and is lovely to work with. xx

Sookieblues's picture

Have shot content with Tony a few times and never had any problems. He is funny, professional and reliable.

warm sweet honey's picture

Well what can I say?? other than again another great shoot with a great photographer
Gaza is very professional at all times, easy to get on with, directs well to get the best shots, Can not recommend him enough
Thank you

warm sweet honey's picture

Worked with Tempest Raven in Blackpool at the weekend great girl, down to earth fun filled weekend
was had by all
Thank You

warm sweet honey's picture

Had a great weekend in Blackpool with Busty Kim & John met up with lots of other new people fab time had by all Great photographer great new photos looking forward to our next shoot
All highly recommended
Thanks Kim & John

warm sweet honey's picture

Another great shoot with Garry each time we always have fun through out the shoots
very relaxed easy to work with excellent guidance travels along way so that is never a problem for him
thank you Garry see you again soon xxx

warm sweet honey's picture

Just to say that I had a splosh mud wrestling here in Nottingham which went very well with kim and john so much fun
Thank you both look forward to doing it again
Lov Hun xxx

warm sweet honey's picture

Had another great shoot with Gaza pity the weather was miserable as he missed shooting our Mud Wrestling with kim
But as always we all had fun despite the weather
He is a great photographer I always receive all content before he leaves never have to wait
Thank you Gaz
Hope you got your Hair Style sorted out xxx

warm sweet honey's picture

Had a fabulous day today shooting photos and videos lots of footage a great Stud to work with and a fabulous BIG Black Dick
great personality and very down to earth and performs well
Not to be missed ladies if you like a 7ft with a big thick dick
Thank you Lov Hun xxx

warm sweet honey's picture

just to say a Big thank you to Garry for another fun filled shoot after he had just come off along night shift
Garry is always great fun to work with good direction where needed, always particular about his work, makes sure your positioned right for the camera, I don't think any other models would disagree with me
Thank you, already looking forward to our next shoot xxx

Tony James's picture

Looking for content share with girls in 2015. Please contact me.

I'm the only regular content share/swap producer shooting in London. See my extensive AIR profile for recommendations, I've made website content for Charmaine Sinclair (Television X), Jemma Jey (Babestation), Chrissie Hamlin (Red Light Central), Chantelle Fox (Adultwork), Ashley Rider, award winners Stella Cox and Jessica Jensen and many more.

I shoot HiDef 2D or 3D video and high quality stills, and can edit to any format. I can arrange locations and additional models and do some performing myself (with over 150 different models to date).

kim's picture

Me & John have been in the industry over 18 yrs having made 100's of films for various sites & DVD. We are looking to start shooting new material again in March & through 2015 , as usual I'm looking for fun people to shoot with and John will as always supply full size pics, resized pics, edited HD MPEG4 films, DVD with menu's to sell on AW and edited clips & rentals for AW.

As most know on here we have been doing content share for about 10 years working dozens of girls & guys, we can accommodate at ours and are happy to travel.

Please contact me on 07859 816 499 of by email on

Steve_Tyrrell's picture

i am a freelance modelling photographer.

I am generally mobile based in the Cambridgeshire area but am also willing to travel to you, i have lots of mobile studio equipment, lights, backgrounds etc,
I am happy to do fashion, glamour, lingerie, Art nude adult and more is there anything specific you are looking for, for your portfolio or want do / try drop me a message and let's arrange something


warm sweet honey's picture

Well where do I start?, I was made very welcome at the home of Lacy and her husband, a great well organised shoot a pleasure to work with them and looking forward already to working with them again.
Both very relaxed professional people, all content given before leaving them
Thank you to you both xx

warm sweet honey's picture

Thank you Garry for another great shoot again great sets of photos as always
Very laid back down to earth always conscientious about the content he does for you, he never fails to deliver good quality photos
thank You xxx

dirty dan's picture

Looking for new girls to work with for content share 2015 altho new to industry looking forward to an exciting year please contact me email me

ZnlNorbi26's picture

I am looking to do content share with other female models can perform bg and bgg also group or gangbang.

Model_Amy's picture

New adult model (about to launch on Southern Charms) open to Content Share shoots.


Published adult model - stills and video - always up for paid work. 100% reliable and always fully certed.

See me here:

Nominated - 2017 UKAP awards.

Nominee *Best MILF* 2016 UKAP Awards.

Twitter: @MILF_Amy

Lola Day's picture

I would highly recommend Tony, aka Hyena for anyone looking to make great content.
He's easy to work with, very professional and generally an all round nice guy.
When I have worked with Tony, I have always received sample images the same night followed by a USB stick containing all content shot within days.
Check him out ladies and gents!

Lola xx

smoothproductions's picture

I am a Producer/Photographer of adult content, and always looking for Female Performers for Content Share
Vitals: 5' 10" tall, black, muscular, athletic guy

Contact me directly if you want to discuss

Smooth Productions
Mobile: 07543 062296

Tom (Smooth Productions)
Mobile: 07543 062296

I have all the necessary equipment for video to high definition and I am experienced photographer and videographer willing to do POV and had done lots before, have access to studio as well. lets get together to make some money.

kinky-amateur-babes's picture

Hi Guys I am fairly new to content share was suppose to have a shoot today but looks like the lady is going to cancel I no it's short notice but is they any lady's that could help me out

Getting the best amateurs on tape

simonbuttler's picture

Hi guys, I shoot upto 4K Ultra HD (x4 times the resolution of full HD 1080p).

For most content shares, everyone gets 1080p (Full HD) rushes off me within 2-3 days of the shoot via internet download. If you want 4K UHD files, you would need to give me a large USB Stick and £10 to cover p&p via special delivery. Alternatively, I can compress the rushes slightly to send via internet download.

I mainly shoot soft stuff which can be shot inbetween harder scenes.

Genres I shoot for are Downblouse, Upskirt, slow motion, voyeuristic, reality (talking to camera), jerk off instruction (generally talking dirty to camera), dancing / striptease, erotic readings from a book,

Filming locations:

(in order most shot from)
Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Basingstoke, Reading, Aldershot, Andover

South West London - Kensington, Hammersmith, Victoria, Wimbledon,
Other London locations considered.

Adult media services - Video, Photography and Web.
Are you looking for a video editor? Someone to manage your site?

Clients include &

warm sweet honey's picture

Thank you for a lovely shoot today was lovely to see you again, as everyone knows that Leigh is so laid back but professional in all her work, what else can I say that know one has already said
Thank you Leigh see you again soon x

warm sweet honey's picture

Well where do I start? had a shoot today with this sexy young Stud at LeighWTS my word he can pound for England ( made an old lady very happy ) the shoot went well full of fun and only wished it had lasted longer
Lovely to meet you Sam and hope we can shoot again at some point
Thank you xx

warm sweet honey's picture

A Big thank you to gaza for a great shoot today as always great content all content given before leaving very happy with what we have done
Thank you

I have time available to produce quality still images for models looking for content for the own websites etc.